The Differences Between 3D and 5D Diamond Paintings

What is Diamond Painting? And How to do It? A Detailed Beginner-Friendly Guide

The activity of diamond painting is relatively a new craft but gaining popularity quickly and becoming an enjoyable hobby among all the ages of crafters in the world of crafting.

 In this guide, you will learn all the useful tips and tricks to start your first masterpiece and create a stunning piece of art with great ease. All the basic terms related to diamond painting and techniques will be explained that will help you to complete your journey towards your very first piece of art by diamonds. 

But first, we will have a look at what exactly diamond painting is and how it originated?

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 “Diamond painting is the art of creating a mesmerizing and stunning piece of art by joining several tiny, cohesive and sparkling diamond-like pieces”.

 But these shining pieces are not actual diamonds as the name suggests. In this case, it would become too expensive for many crafters and they would not be able to participate. It is similar to paint by numbers, you just need to select a picture of your choice that is divided into grid patterns and printed on a canvas. Then you have to place diamond pieces on the adhesive canvas and just watch as the magic happens. 

Best diamond painting

 Anybody who loves crafting can participate and finish not only creating an elegant diamond painting but also getting meditative and relaxing effects. Diamond Painting is the ultimate relaxing hobby and reduces your anxiety while improving your mental health, especially during this pandemic season.  

 Diamond Painting can also be called diamond cross-stitch, diamond art, diamond dot, and diamond embroidery. 


Back in the past, the idea of diamond painting was discovered firstly in Asia and then it became popular in Europe. 

In Asia, a Chinese company named Guandong Dazu Yueming Laser Technology Co.Ltd 2010 introduced this activity.

 At that point, the small diamonds were made to stay in the velvet with the assistance of glue. This was a difficult task but later on, it was changed and an easy methodology was introduced in the form of modified sticky canvas. 

Now the sticky canvas is out there and people can join the small sparkling diamonds on the sticky canvas for creating a colourful and crowd-pleasing design. 

As per Google ratings, diamond painting gained popularity in 2017 because before that year nearly nobody researched that keyword. 


You can take your start easily by getting your diamond painting kit, which contains all the required materials such as a design chart printed fabric in the form of canvas, diamonds of various colors, an applicator tool, and a container of wax.  

All the diamonds of different colors are packed in different packages with numbers mentioned on the pack for the portion they should be adhered to. And you can easily separate and use it according to your ease. The chart is sticky and allows diamonds to stay. 

You can choose one color at a time to work, this will help you to finish early without getting confused between colors and numbers of the diamonds or go row by row according to your preference. Read complete how to choose Guide here; Choosing Right Diamond Painting Kit: 8 Things You Must Know Before!


Step 1: Find A Relaxing Diamond Art Painting Table:

The first and probably the most important step is to find a dedicated table having a smooth surface with the right height. This will add to your comfort and all depends on the place where you work and how much you will enjoy it while doing that job.

While getting your diamond painting kits, you should also get a good table according to your comfort level with adjustable heights and angles as you wouldn’t like to remain in the same posture all day. Some people prefer reading tables but others choose some other options according to their ease. 

But it will be best to get a specially designed table for this purpose. 

Step 2: Explore Your Diamond Painting Kit:

You might have received your diamond painting kit or wondered which one to buy. Select the kit that will best suit your hobby or work. In the diamond art painting kit, you will get tools and equipment like:

  • Canvas with adhesive pad
  • Diamond drills i.e. flat-backed diamond-like stones
  • Wax box
  • Drill pen or Applicator
  • Drill Tray
  • Tweezers

 The materials can be slightly different according to manufacturer or brand, but everyone should add the at least above mentioned materials. 

You can decide about the usage of an applicator or drill pen. Two options are available in the form of a wax pen and drill pen. You should buy the kit accordingly. If you use a wax pen then you will directly apply the diamonds on the canvas and don’t need to dip the pen in the wax each time and save energy and time. 

But as for the drill pen, you have to dip the drill first in the adhesive wax or glue, then pick up the diamonds and apply them on the canvas anywhere you like to place them. This pen is usually added to the kits. 

Step 3: Fetch The Best Canvas For Your Artwork:

First, you should keep your canvas ready for work and it must be sturdy in position. Always try to keep your canvas dry. It is suggested to do diamond painting on a smooth and flat surface, this will be very comfortable and help to keep the canvas straight without drawing unnecessary lines.

Pro Tip: For this purpose, you can use a foamy board or a frame for your canvas. Framing the canvas will help you to get no lines on the canvas. And by using a foam board you can place your canvas in any location according to your ease. 

Step 3: Familiarize With The Color Coding Scheme Of Canvas:

Diamond painting comes with clear instructions that should be carefully followed during creating your masterpiece. First, you need to read all the instructions regarding color-coding about how to paint diamonds on the canvas with the help of mentioned numbers. 

The numbers or codes mentioned on the diamonds should match the right color to the numbers on your adhesive canvas. 

You may take some time to read all the instructions and understand the whole process. And to make it easier for you and prevent any confusion, the charts consisting of the colors and matching drill colors are usually printed on canvas sides.

Step 4: Start Painting By Selecting One Color:

Don’t remove the whole cover from the canvas at once to avoid being overwhelmed and anxious. Peel only a small portion of the canvas at a time you are going to start painting there. 

Fill the tray with the appropriate color of diamonds matching the color of peeled parts of the canvas. 

Now dip your drill pen into the gel or wax box. This makes it easier for the diamonds or rhinestones to stick to the pen for easy picking and placement on the canvas. You can also use wax pens that don’t need to dip in wax, again and again, it just needs to be sharpened and used. 

Some diamond pens with a large mouth are available that can pick up more than one stone at a time. 

Step 5: Stick Diamonds To Its Corresponding Square On The Canvas:

You should carefully watch the corresponding diamonds with the canvas similar to painting by numbers. As a beginner, you should slightly press the diamond pen against the canvas to avoid any kind of rubbing or scratching. 

In this way, you will easily find the accurate placement of the diamonds and adjust them accordingly. 

Step 6: Repeat Until You Get Your Final Sparkling Masterpiece

Repeat all the steps aging and again until you get your finalized stunning piece of art created by yourself. If you need further detailed guide than read this blog; A Complete Guide About Best Diamond Painting Kit For Beginners.

Famous Diamond Painting Techniques:

1.Row By Row Method:

As the name shows, you can arrange the tiny diamonds row-by-row. This technique is useful when it comes to a block of the same color on the canvas. You can do it even faster and easier if you have a pen with a Multi Applicator Tool that can pick up to 3 or more diamonds or drills at a time. 

2.Color By Color Technique:

This is one of the most common methods of diamond painting. By using this method of diamond painting, you can fill one color on the canvas and then take another one. But the disadvantage of this method is that uncovering the canvas will make it less sticky over time. 

3. The Checkerboard Technique:

This method involves the placing of diamonds in alternative places on the canvas in the areas of the same color. This type of arrangement with alternating colors is similar to the well-known checkerboard. It is fast as you don’t need to check for predetermined procedures. You just need to keep the color code and all the things will come together beautifully at the end of completion. 

4. “Farm Plot” Methodology:

In this method, you divide the large areas of the same color into small blocks that you will paint at a time. The blocks should not be too wide, maybe ranging from 5 to 7 rhinestones, this will be suitable for quick and easy painting. This resembles the farmer’s technique as he divides a large plot into smaller portions for harvesting, you move in the same for easy and fast painting. 

Immortalize Your Painting By Choosing A Perfect Frame:

Now after creating an incredible piece of art, you deserve to show your inner creative art to the world and this can be perfectly done by selecting a perfect frame for your diamond painting. 

Framing will enhance the beauty and aesthetic of your artwork. 

Frames come in different sizes, you should carefully measure the size of your diamond painting canvas first and then buy a frame accordingly. After framing you can hang your painting on a wall and let it be shown off and get praise!

Benefits Of Diamond Art Painting:

  • Reduce Stress And Anxiety:

Diamond Painting art is a hobby that will not only keep you busy in creating a masterpiece but also reduce the stress level and anxiety. In this amazing process, you will get wonderful meditative effects. 

  • Enhance Brain Activity:

Diamond Painting is an activity that requires your full concentration and attention, this will sharpen your brain and activate the creative part by improving the focus. You need to be very attentive while placing diamonds on the canvas. 

  • Increased Consistency:

Placing beautiful tiny diamonds on the sticky canvas needs patience and consistency, these high demanding skills will help you in other fields of life as well. 

  • Boost Creativity And Confidence:

When you complete your artwork and have a look at the finished product at the end, the feeling of satisfaction will boost your confidence and self-esteem to another level. This activity will surely tune your physical and motor activity. 

Diamond Painting Pro Tips And Tricks

Use Of Parchment Paper:

One of the most common issues faced by many crafters during painting with diamonds is the uncovering of the whole canvas. If you expose the single cover at the same time, it will be prone to gather dirt and dust and also hands can get stuck to the canvas as you go farther for your work. 

But there is always a solution for every problem, the best solution for this problem is parchment paper, this will make working much easier without causing any damage to the canvas. It doesn’t need any skills or expertise to use. 

After removing the cover on the canvas, you can carefully place parchment paper by cutting them into small pieces. You can line up these pieces or just spread them to avoid leaving any exposed area. 

Apply Weight To Remove Creases:

Sometimes the canvas may get folds or creases due to an unparalleled surface or some of the diamonds may not be firmly placed. The solution to this problem is you can place weight on the canvas for a longer period. This can be performed in the following ways;

  • Place heavy books on the surface of canvas for straightening about 48 to 72 hours
  • Place canvas beneath your mattress for a night or two, in this case, body-weight will be enough to straighten out the creases. 
  • You can also use a crafting knife to remove stubborn creases that are not easy to straighten out. 


Diamond Painting is very familiar and darling to many crafters in some parts of the world; it is still a relatively modern innovation in some parts too. 
Also, you must read a blog about 3D & 5D Diamond Painting Kits Differences – Which One To Choose?

Even in the areas where it is popular, there is still a lot of information hidden about this creative gem. Hence after reading this ultimate guide you will get to know everything about the diamond painting from its history to basic techniques and benefits as well. 

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