Useful Tips To Improve Your Diamond Painting Art Skills

Diamond Painting Art Skill Improvement Tools and Tips

Before improving diamond painting skills, it is more important to know what is diamond painting?, this whole article will help both, the beginner and also those people who are already familiar with this and also those people who are already connected to this worth work, if you want clear concise and essential knowledge about the famous art “the diamond painting” so, you are on the right place. 

What Is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is a beautiful blend between beading and painting. It’s a technique using glossy tiny tiles applied on the canvas, it’s a new elegant, vivid and shimmery invention in the art and craft world, it’s a mosaic art form created by artists, it becomes popular in a very short time, vastly spreading over the last five years. It’s a combination of art by numbers and cross-stitching by the use of hundreds of resins and rhinestones on an adhesive colour-coded canvas resulting in a sparkling eye-catching, antique and relaxing painting. Also Read About Choosing Right Diamond Painting Kit: 8 Things You Must Know Before!

What is Diamond Painting?

Who Invented Diamond Painting And When?

The diamond painting was invented by china, the original patent was invented in 2010, and was invented by Guangdong Dazu Yueming Laser Technology Co., LTD. The diamond painting originated from Asia but the idea quickly spread like a fire to Europe and now it’s a quite popular craft in Russia. Before going to read about more details we should read all the possible details about What is Diamond Painting? And How to do It? A Detailed Beginner-Friendly Guide.

Types Of Diamond Painting:

As we said, diamond painting is an art so, for giving it a mosaic, vivid, shimmery and delightful appearance, there are three types of diamond paintings. 

Round Shape Diamonds: 

In this type of diamond painting, round shape resins (diamonds) are used, a round diamond is known to have a more sparkly appearance, and these diamonds do not have corners, so they are easier to use, easy to handle and are mostly used in large canvas because of the visible gaps and spaces between them, round drills have a slightly larger size than square, the round drills look like cross-stitch that’s why they are also known as the diamond cross stitch. 

Round Shaped Diamonds vs Square Shape Diamonds

Square Shape Diamonds:

In this type of diamond painting, square shape resins (diamonds) are used, these diamonds have corners ( four square shape corners ), squares fit together nearly with no gaps in between which gives a fuller, complete look due to edge-to edge snuggling, these square shape diamonds are preferably used by experienced artists and diamond painters, the square drills look like mosaic so, they are also known as the mosaic drill or mosaic diamonds. 

Aurora Borealis (AB) Diamonds:

AB (aurora Borealis) diamonds give off a rainbow effect like that of the Northern Lights. 

Aurora Borealis (AB) Diamonds Drills

How To Do Diamond Painting?

  1. Set up a canvas.
  2. Arrange the comfortable table and chair to work. 
  3. Arrange the light pad or LED light beneath the table.
  4. Arrange your drills (diamond).
  5. Picture the image or art you want to add diamonds. 
  6. Mention the colours of drills on the canvas and also mention the colours on the diamond container or tray.
  7. Place the plastic sheet onto the canvas to avoid a diamond mess or misplacing or detachment.
  8. Hold the diamonds with the applicator (which already has glue or wax over it).
  9.  Place the diamond on the adhesive (sticky) canvas.  
  10.  If the diamond is misplaced by mistake then it can be removed easily with that applicator. 
How to Do Diamond Paintings

How To Increase The Diamond Painting Speed?

The basic eleven tips for improving and speeding up the diamond painting work would be:  

  1. Tie up your hairs so that they neither can stick to the diamond on canvas nor disturb you.
  2. Fold your sleeves otherwise, the diamonds can be stuck with the sleeves and your whole time and energy will waste and you end up with the diamond’s mess.
  3. Place a clear plastic sheet onto the part of the canvas where you have completed your diamond painting. 
  4. Stay focused ( do not distract with anything ).
  5.  Arrange some small trays or little boxes or something where you can place your diamonds separately, mark the boxes or tray with the number, code, or colour so they can not intermix and it will be easier for you to take up a single tiny diamond for placing onto the canvas.
  6.  Set up these trays or boxes into a secure and handy container like a big chocolate box or jewelry box, so your time will be safe and you don’t need to arrange the diamonds again and again and you can also take them with you when travelling or outdoors.
  7. You can also use the multiplacer instead of a pen so you can place multiple diamonds on canvas at one time.
  8. Set up the tray or box of a specific colour that you are using, most near to your hand, so there will be no waste of time to move your hand in and out of the canvas.
  9. You do not need to move or do not change the whole setup when you need to work on the other part of the canvas, but just turn up the part of the canvas towards your side.
  10. Make sure you have enough or extra beads to complete your painting so there will be no waste of time.
  11. The most important and most basic tip for improving your diamond painting skills or to increase the speed of your work is, you have to do practice because practice makes a man perfect. 

Tools And Accessories That Polish The Diamond Painting Skills?

There are wide variety of accessories that can polish the diamond painting but there is practice needed, to enhance the speed and skills, these are the tools we need:

Drills (Diamonds):

When you choose a diamond art kit, you need to know the type of diamonds you need for your diamond painting masterpiece i.e round, square or AB type diamonds.

Diamond Drills

Whatever shape you prefer, be sure to have extra diamonds available for your creative artistic invention, because sometimes diamonds are accidentally misplaced or end up before completion. 

Diamond Drill Pen:

Drill pens are the more traditional and common option and are included in almost every diamond painting kit. Simply dip the pen into the wax or glue and pick up the diamond and place it on the canvas.

Diamond Drill Pen

Diamond Wax Pen:

Wax pens apply wax directly to the diamond piece, eliminating the extra step, and just place it onto the canvas.

Diamond Wax Pen drill pickup without wax

Diamond Drill Wheel Pick-Up Pen (Multiplacer):

Another type of pen is the least common type of pen. These pens offer an adhesive wheel on one end that allows you to easily grab diamonds by rolling them across a tray and also placing them on the canvas and also removing them from the canvas.

Light Pad:

Another essential tool for diamond painting is the light pad, it is light weighted, thin, and compact, it is not only important for adjusting the light but also reduce eye strain, and because of its flicker-free LED lamp headache will also reduce, by illuminating each diamond from beneath, it also helps to place each drill to its specific right place without mistake giving it a dazzling display. Using this tool is simple as turn on the torch, this light is not operated by a battery but it only connected with any device like PC or mobile or adapter or simply a power bank, it also provides a brighter surface area to work on, the most important feature of this light pad is, it can be used upto 50,000 hours continuously, having a very long life span.

Diamond Painting Light Pad

Glue Or Wax:

Every diamond art kit Includes some sort of adhesives, whether glue or wax through which you can stick the diamond to the applicator and then on the sticky canvas with absolute finishing and without misplacement. It’s a sticky material used in diamond painting through which you can place every diamond of your masterpiece without drooping

Diamond Glue or Wax

So these are the main essentials for diamond painting, but there are some additional diamond painting accessories through which  you can do your work more comfortably and faster which include:

Craft Table:

It would be the desk or a table, which has enough space for setting up your canvas and all the basic tools of diamond painting on it. It would be adjustable for your height and comfort, you should also take care of your neck and posture because it will affect your work sooner or later.

Diamond Painting Table

It is better to have the glass table so you can see the colors, canvas, and drills more clearly with a small light pad beneath the table for adjusting light, surface area, and shine.

Storage Compartments:

Storage compartments are a handy feature, you can store your beads and pens safely away from pets and kids, if you have pets or small children who tend to put tiny objects in their mouths.  

Diamond Drill Storage Compartments

Ergonomic Chair:

The chair has the features of a straight back and neck which will help you to maintain your posture and you can work hours and hours without tiring your body parts.

Comfortable Ergonomics chair for diamond painting


If diamond painting is your hobby then you should have an eye-handy coordinator that can help you to see a more clear image of your art. A magnifier is an essential tool for reading the symbols on the canvas more clearly and easily.

diamond painting magnifier

Diamond Trays:

A big diamond tray is often more preferable than the small one, allowing you to line up your rhinestones for a more organized system , with larger diamond trays, there are steeled tweezers available, which helps in shuffling the diamonds and also holding then without damaging them.

diamond painting trays

Best Canvas Size For Speeding Up The Diamond Painting Skills:

It depends upon your masterpiece what you want to paint. For beginners, it would be easier to choose a small size that can consume less time, but for professionals, the large size is suggested. The size of the painting is directly proportional to the numbers of diamonds needed,  for larger painting, more diamonds are needed to add and line up for your masterpiece.

Benefits Of Diamond Painting Are Influenced By Speed And Skills:

The more speed and skills indicates to the more experienced and skilled diamond painter, similarly experienced also refers to more calmness and peacefulness, time and practice requires to be professional and experienced, at the same time you will get more speed through experience and ultimately the more joy and benefits you get which are:   

Minimizing Stress And Anxiety:

It’s a type of mindfulness-based art therapy (MBAT), it is very useful to relax and relieve anxiety and stress after a long exhausting job or mental disturbance, the diamond painting can be considered an art that can help you to meditate.

Enhance Creativity And Cut Off From The Technology World:

 Art can help you to enter the world of creativity, giving your mind the wonderful crafty imagination that cannot be found in the circle of technology. Those ideas are unique enough to give them a real magnifying, vivid, and elegant look.

Build Your Confidence And Improve Your Motor Skills:

While doing diamond painting, a person can feel he is “a confident artist” by just following some simple steps above.

It can also improve the eye-hand coordination, hands and fingers muscular activities, it not only improve the physical activity but also the mental ability like the concentration, imagination and focusing capabilities

Before ending this article, I want to clear some of the concepts of diamond painting.

Are Diamonds In Paintings Real Diamonds? And What Are Drills?

No, the diamonds that are used in diamond painting are not the real diamonds, but just colorful resins or rhinestones.

Drills are simply diamonds or resins (another name of diamond )

What Are 3D And 5D Diamond Paintings?

Diamond painting on a blank canvas or numbered canvas would be 3d or 5d. Read the Complete blog on 3D & 5D Diamond Painting Kits Differences,Which One To Choose? and make your concepts more clear about Diamond Paintings.

3D Diamond Drills:

3d diamonds means 3d beads , which means beads that have 3 facets on each side, 9 total facets.

5D Diamond Drills :

5d diamonds means 5d beads, which means beads that have 5 facets on each side, 15 total facets.

3D Diamonds And 5D Diamonds

Difference Between Diamond Painting, Cross-Stitching, And Paint By Numbers?

Diamond painting:

Combination of both cross stitching and paint by numbers.

Cross Stitching:

Type of embroidery carried out on canvas or an evenly woven fabric in which the strands of the X-shaped tiled pattern are used to form an image.

Paint By Numbers:

The painting is created by the numbered canvas or numbered sheet.


Diamond painting is worth a job plus a stress relieving hobby with less effort. Only four main tools are needed to do this, canvas, diamonds, an applicator, and a light pad. The results of your creativity will be wonderful elegant and sparkling masterpieces, the whole article showing the precise and basic techniques and tips to improve your diamond painting skills.

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